Covid19 Prevention and Health Protocol in place:

→ 100% CONTACLESS experience since 2019. Full Online process
→ Automated Self-Check-In and Self-Check-Out implemented since Sept. 2019.
→ Mandatory social distancing and Face-mask use, at all times, in all public areas.
→ Mandatory use of Gel (provided) and gloves (provided) when using key or luggage Lockers.
→ In depth pre-cleaning of all A/C machines and filters. 
→ Certified reinforced disinfection and in depth cleaning Protocol.
→ All Common areas and welcome-mats, disinfected constantly. 
→ Apartment keys, keycards and Parking remotes are cleaned & disinfected before Check-In.
→ Sofa-Beds may NOT be used as sleeping-bed, until further notice.
→ Maintenance and Cleaning services only carried our when Apartments are vacant or guest is way. 
→ Washing machines’ cycles and A/C’s are limited for use at certain minimum temperatures.
→ Strict and detailed Contingency plan in place for any signs of Covid19 symptoms.
→ For more information, feel free to contact us at: